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We specialize in creating unforgettable casino-themed events

At Casino Party Milwaukee, we are your one-stop shop for all your event needs in Milwaukee, WI! From casino table rentals to DJs, photobooths, and decorations, we have everything you need to make your event unforgettable. Our professional dealers will bring the excitement of the casino floor to your party, while our DJs keep the music flowing all night long. Capture memories with our photobooths and create the perfect atmosphere with our decorations.

Casino Games

A variety of exciting games, including blackjack, roulette, poker, and craps for your next event


Allows guests to take pictures and create instant memories at events and parties.


Transform any space into a vibrant and exciting casino environment.


Our DJs Will keep your party grooving all night long!

Your One-Stop Destination for Casino Party Excellence!

Our expert team ensures authentic games, professional dealers, and customizable themes, transforming any venue into a dynamic and immersive casino wonderland. With seamless planning and attention to detail, we’re here to make your casino party a resounding success.


Players will have the opportunity to accumulate play money winnings throughout the evening. At the end of the event, they can exchange their winnings for raffle tickets or bid on a selection of prizes. This adds an extra layer of excitement and friendly competition, allowing everyone to leave with a memorable experience, even if they don’t win the grand prize.

No, our casino party is purely for entertainment purposes, and no real money is involved in the games. Guests will receive play money upon arrival, which they can use to participate in the various games and compete for prizes or just for fun.

Absolutely! We’ll have experienced and friendly dealers who can provide quick tutorials for guests unfamiliar with the games. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our goal is to ensure everyone has a great time.

Typically, a casino party may last for 3 hours. This timeframe allows guests to enjoy a variety of casino games, socialize, and participate in any additional entertainment or activities that are part of the event.

Our team will set up the casino experience before the festivities commence. Upon your guests’ arrival, they will be presented with a personalized Casino Players Card, symbolizing their “Funny Money” (recommended between $500-$1000). This Funny Money can be exchanged at any casino table for chips, allowing guests to freely navigate between tables throughout the event using our convenient cash-out vouchers.

As the casino party comes to a close, our dealers will calculate the total chip count for each guest, providing them with a corresponding cash-out voucher. This voucher can then be used for various options, including obtaining raffle tickets for exciting draws or rewarding the winners with the highest chip totals at the conclusion of the night—a determination facilitated by the cash-out vouchers. We ensures a seamless and enjoyable casino experience for your guests from start to finish.

Our casino party will feature a variety of classic casino games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and Craps. We’ll create an authentic casino experience with professional dealers and equipment for an immersive gaming atmosphere.

Client Testimonials

"The staff was extremely professional and the main points of contact were helpful and accommodating. Thank you for a wonderful event!"
Jordan Shaw Leinon
"They were great to deal with from start to finish! Professional, friendly dealers, high quality tables, and great advise on how to make our event a success."
Don Dorsan
“Highly recommend! They were professional, easy to work with, and handled everything. Had a fantastic time!”
Tarisa Armstrong

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